Rapid Developing of Bag Filter Industry

China's "The Eleventh Five-Year Plan" brings about new market opportunities for bag filter industry. It is proper to say that bag filter industry is one of the environmental protection industries which are most obviously affected by the policy. In 2006, China's bag filter industry developed in a sustainable and stable state. The overall output value of the industry reached 8.97 billion RMB, increased by 38% compared to last year; among which, 6.82 billion RMB held by mainframe manufacturing and engineering enterprises, increased by 48% compared to last year; while 1.8 billion RMB held by filter media manufacturing enterprises, increased by 15% compared to last year; and accessory manufac-turers created 350 million RMB. In 2007, the overall output value of China's bag filter industry is expected to be 9.3 billion RMB, the export value exceeds 100 million US dollars, and the quantity of filter media used is expected to reach 50 million square meters.

Coal-fired Power

Electric power industry is a fundamental industry of vital importance in national economy, as well as a key industry, a leading industry and a pillar industry in the developing strategy of national economy. According
to the resources condition of China, thermal power is the mainstream in our energy structure, which will still account for 70% of China's energy in 10 years. Since 2000, the application of bag filter to coal-fired boilers of China's large-scale thermal power plant has been developing swiftly, because the emission standard has been upgraded and the classes of coal used have been more constrained. From to the 50 thousand KW generator units, to the 200 K KW generator units and the 300K KW ones, bag filter has been applied to the 600 thousand KW generator units for the moment, which is about to be used more and in larger scale sets.

Iron & Steel

China is world's largest steel producer, whose overall production reached 500 million tons in 2006. Steel industry is shouldering arduous responsibility of environmental protection, while promoting the fast development of national economy. Bag filter is used in a wide range and accounts for 75% in steel industry, which can be applied to almost all production process, moreover, bag filter, instead ofelectrostatic precipitator, is tend to be used in sintering process in recent years. With the emergence of more updated technology, newer products, and better filter media in particular, which is adaptive to various working conditions, together with the improving bag-sealing technology, bag filter technology will play animportant role in steel industry.


As a large cement exporter in the world, China plansto increase its cement production continuously. On the other hand, the competent departments are improving physical regulations and measures for"Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection" of cement industry. Bag filter technology has been applied to cement industry in practice for a long period. The recently issued" Measures for On-site Inspection to the Enterprise of Cement Production License" formulatedthat whether the dust removing equipment equipped with the production equipment operates properly, whether it meets the emission standard, requiring that the exhaust gas emitted by the production equipment in the production process meet the standard of GB4915-2004. This opened up a brilliant prospect for the application of bag filter to present cement industry.

Garbage Incineration

China's garbage incineration technology is in the ascendant. Promulgated in 1st June 2000, the garbage incineration standard formulated that" the dust removing device of the garbage incineration boiler" should be bag filter, in order to reduce the production and emission of harmful substance during incinerating". Statistics shows that the domestic garbage in China is increasing by 2.33% per annual, which is expected to reach 133 million tons in 2005, 152 million tons in 2010 and 179 million tons in 2015. More than 600 cities of China, together with their suburbs, have created a big potential market for bag filter in garbage incineration boiler in the future.